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What’s the difference between a Monitor and a Moderator?

A Monitor is monitoring the event, and is not usually on camera during your party. The Monitor’s main function is to assist with any questions about the technology and to help ensure that things run as smoothly as possible, even if some of the participants are not very “tech savvy.” 

They also play an important role in being able to mute a location and/or turn off a camera at a location, if needed.  Whether a fire alarm goes off or an unexpected embarrassing thing happens in the background of someone’s camera shot, keep these issues from taking over the party.

A Moderator is someone who is on camera with your guests, and helps guide the conversation. They come prepared with questions that they can ask the group or can also run a game with your guests. 

The style of moderation varies, depending on what you want the experience to be for your guests.  They can be there to assist when needed, or they can run the event for you.  They also act as Monitor for any technical issues.

Top 5 reasons to book a professional Monitor / Moderator:

  1. You don’t have to act as IT support for your friends and family.

  2. To alleviate any stress or anxiety about  “what if” scenarios.

  3. You can focus on the fun, and not the fray.

  4. To be a part of the party, instead of running it.

  5. It’s the smart thing to do!

Discover the difference that a professional can make.

What you will need when booking a Monitor or Moderator:

  • A date and time for your party (at least a week out).

  • Which service you are wanting (Monitor or Moderator).

  • Any thoughts you have about a theme or other details regarding your party.

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